An ISO 9001:2008 Organization
Geosolution Proservices Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company engaged in providing Geological Engineering Services.

Geosolution Proservices Pvt. Ltd.,aknowledge based, action oriented and value driven organization has been poised to act as a solution provider in the field of survey and investigation. Since its beginning in February 2000, Geosolution has been guided by the real world requirements in the field of Topographical Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology and Geophysics, Geohydrology and Hydrology.

Geosolution Proservices Pvt. Ltd always serves being close to it's clients. Geosolution firmly believes in providing quality and reliable services and has been successful to provide services to the satisfaction of its clients by offering specialized, innovative, latest and punctual services at a very reasonable price. Geosolution has been successful to provide it's service to sectors like : Industry, Power, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Mining etc.

Geosolution Proservices Pvt. Ltd., specialized in providing services in the field of survey and investigation with performance driven tools and technology. Geosolution uses latest instrument / equipment, software,required for state-of-the-art field investigation and data interpretation.

Solution Provider For All Type Of Geo-Survey And Investigation.